Jefe and Cayuse Autumn Sun

SIMONA’s Fleece

6 lbs Navajo churro RAW wool fleece from our girl SIMONA, pictured below.  Natural fiber for spinning, felting, weaving and craft.  Our flock is 100% chemical and pesticide free and fed a year round grass diet supplemented with fruits and vegetables.  $45


Phase Two Mud Pits

We were happy to hear the Baker Polito update on Mud Pits and Watering Holes being allowed to reopen in Phase Two!

  • maneuvering

Unfortunately…. gymnasiums of young colts will need to wait until Phase Three…


limited supply of Bacon!


Laszlo Farm’s Old Spot Bacon is back from the smokehouse.  Supplies are limited and will go fast.  Delivery day is this Friday, May 22 to Wayland area and all stations en route.  Our farm store is open Saturdays by appointment. Find us at the Farm Market in Lowell, Sundays, 11am-2pm. We also have plenty of pet supplies. Reach us by email, or contact Clarke by phone/text (978)877-6214.  Thank-you for your support of our farm and work. We greatly appreciate your business.